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Intel Corp

Intel uncovers and shines a light on courageous, resourceful, and inspired people who make us optimistic for a better, brighter future Back in 1968, two scientists, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, founded Intel with a vision for semiconductor memory products. By 1971, they had introduced the world’s first microprocessor. Since then, Intel has established a heritage of innovation that continues to expand the reach and promise of computing while advancing the ways people work and live worldwide.




Songhai Press Corp - Philadelphia

Songhai Press Corporation is committed to the development, production, and marketing of culturally relevant and authentic educational materials, programs, and services for educators, children, and families.


Songhai Press Corporation operates from the standpoint that children should be exposed to literature as early as possible and that this exposure should incorporate each child’s own culture, heritage, history, and perspective. We believe that developing a love of reading at an early age, as well as a sense of ownership towards one’s learning in general, is fundamental to creating a desire and respect for knowledge throughout one’s life. As a vibrant, pioneering company, Songhai Press Corporation continually strives to provide our partners in education with cutting-edge, dynamic materials, programs, and services that promote the common goal of life-long learning and personal development within both our local and global communities.

Our Strategic Relationship Partners in Education


Black Board International -  Toronto

Since 1990, Toronto-based Black Board International has provided culturally related educational software and services for use at home and in educational and learning institutes. Their line of software includes programs in many different areas for children and adults. The programs have been matched with various Provincial and State curriculum standards, and have received recommendation for use in the home and at all school levels by a number of educators in a variety of school and home based applications.


Urban Academics ,LLC  - Detroit